Little Johnny Brings A Pretzel For His Teacher Every Day…

Every day Little Johnny would bring his new teacher a pretzel from his uncle’s bakery. What happens next is truly hilarious.

Every time, Little Johnny gave the teacher a pretzel, and she would always be grateful and thank him for it.

«Johnny, the pretzels are very good, but do you think your uncle can make them without salt?» she said one day.

The pretzels were never salted again after that.  Little Johnny would bring salt-free pretzels every day.

The teacher told Johnny, «Little Johnny, I hope it’s not too much work for your uncle to make pretzels without salt for me?» after realizing after a few days that she was making it difficult for him to prepare pretzels without salt.

«Oh no,» Little Johnny exclaims. He doesn’t make them without salt. «I lick off the salt.»

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