Goldie Hawn And Kate Hudson Started Dancing But The Audience Lost It When… Check Out the Video Here

The Ellen DeGeneres Show gained immense popularity as a talk show. It had a long run of 19 seasons before finally being discontinued in 2022.

Ellen was a regular presence on stage as the host, but every now and then, she would mix things up and bring in a guest host.

It’s not easy to find someone who can match her popularity as a talk show host. Her shoes are hard to fill. You definitely don’t want to let down your audience or your guests.

That’s why the producers reached out to a celebrity mother and daughter to step in when Ellen couldn’t host on one occasion. It was Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn.

If you’re not already aware, Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn make quite the dynamic duo as mother and daughter. These actresses are both incredibly talented and widely recognized.

Kate mentioned that she would be the host and her mother would be joining her, although her mother has a tendency to be tardy. As Goldie stepped onto the stage, memories of their previous appearance on the show flooded their mind.

It was at that moment that they left a lasting impression on the audience, leaving us all with a memorable experience. It began with the music.

Check out this video and see for yourself:

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