Savvy Parrot Asks for and Executes the ‘Making Bacon Pancakes’ Dance

If you’re in need of a little pick-me-up today, take a moment to meet this delightful dancing bird! A fortunate owner has uncovered that her feathered companion has some remarkable moves, especially when she serenades it with «Making Bacon Pancakes.» Without fail, every time she starts humming this catchy tune, the bird breaks out into a joyful dance. What’s more, the clever parrot has even figured out how to ask for the tune to be played!

@the_green_bird_brigade She has learned how to request it now 😂😭 #auggie #quaker #quakerparrot #baconpancakes #bird #parrot #rescuebird #adventuretime ♬ original sound — The Green Bird Brigade

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