It’s Been a Rough Few Years for Simon Cowell, But He’s Now Confirmed What We All Suspected

Simon Cowell, a famous TV judge, had two bicycle accidents in two years. In 2020, he had an accident in Malibu and then another one in London in 2022. These accidents caused him serious injuries, like a broken back and a concussion.

Despite his injuries, Simon still loves riding bikes. He said that getting hurt made him realize he needed to get healthier. He even joked that his son, Eric, now calls him «Iron Man» because his back has metal rods and screws in it from surgery.

Simon has made changes to his life, especially for his son, and he continues to find humor in his situation. He even joked about his accidents with his friends from America’s Got Talent. Simon’s story shows how he stays positive and keeps enjoying life, even after tough times

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