Unforgettable! The Young Man Who Made Simon Cowell Cry SLAYS Again! Watch the Video

Michael Ketterer is a dedicated pediatric mental health nurse, proud father of 6, and a vocal advocate for his Christian faith. Alongside his wife, Ivey, they have a beautiful family consisting of one biological daughter and five adopted boys. This incredible father has been making waves in the media as a participant on America’s Got Talent.

His initial rendition of the Bee Gees’ «To Love Somebody» left the entire audience mesmerized. Indeed, this devoted father received the highly sought-after golden buzzer from judge Simon Cowell.

After that amazing first audition, Michael delivered a truly exceptional performance of ‘Us’ by James Bay. The performance was incredibly moving, leaving several judges, including the typically stoic Simon, in tears.

Michael has consistently received high praise throughout his entire journey on America’s Got Talent, and his most recent performance was no exception. Witness Michael’s captivating performance as he takes the spotlight on an empty stage, delivering a stunning rendition of ‘When I Look At You’ by pop sensation Miley Cyrus. He poured his heart out in every word, expressing his deep gratitude and admiration for his devoted and encouraging wife.

Once the song concluded, judge Simon surprised everyone with an unexpected action. He reached out to fellow celebrity and country music artist Garth Brooks, making a heartfelt appeal. Simon asked, «Garth, if you happen to be watching the show, could you kindly compose a song for Michael to perform in the final? I have a strong intuition about the connection between you two.» Following an absolutely stunning performance, Michael successfully made it to the finals.

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