When Your Six-Week-Old Discovers That Her Mom Is A Retired Jazz Singer

Every parent has their own unique methods for soothing their little one. There are individuals who have some truly unconventional approaches that you might not have considered to be beneficial. Deu Almeida possesses a remarkable talent for soothing a fussy baby: Her singing is truly beautiful! Based on her website, it’s clear that she has a decade of experience in the music industry as a jazz singer, and her talent shines through! Her singing has such a soothing effect, it’s no surprise that her baby is captivated by it.

Even though she had a career as a singer, Deu didn’t sing to her baby during pregnancy. It wasn’t until her little one turned 6 weeks old that she began to truly appreciate Mom’s incredible singing talent! Deu recently shared a heartwarming video on social media, showcasing the enchanting power of her voice on her daughter. The adorable reaction is simply priceless!

In the beginning of the video, this cute little baby seems a bit cranky. As Deu continues to sing Summertime by Sam Cooke, she becomes increasingly captivated by the soothing and comforting voice of her Mom. How wonderful it must have been for the two of them to experience such a special moment together!

Many people love Deu’s voice, not just her baby! People from all corners of the internet are absolutely captivated by the incredible singing talent of this mother, as evidenced by the overflowing praise in the comments section of the video.

One individual shares their belief that artists never truly retire. It seems that even though you may not use that voice for work anymore, it still has a captivating effect.

She was captivated. Someone else expresses their deep appreciation for the power of music. May you both enjoy a lifetime filled with beautiful melodies.

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