Man Converts Retired Aircraft Into Beautiful Home — Check Out What It Looks Like Inside

When you think of a house, it’s usually imagined as a building with a roof, windows, and different rooms. Have you ever come across a home that was constructed inside an airplane, tucked away in the midst of the woods? The sizes of these unique homes differ based on the number of family members residing on the property.

In a recent video by CNBC Make It, Bruce Campbell showcased his unique home — a Boeing 727 jetliner aircraft located in Portland, Oregon.

Living in an aircraft may be considered unconventional by some, but for Campbell, it is his happy place.

During the interview, the owner expressed how living in a structure like this brings a sense of dignity and fulfillment to his life. If you’re an engineer, scientist, or anyone who appreciates the elegance and beauty of aerospace technology, living here is simply a more joyful experience.

Campbell’s interest in aircraft started at the age of 15. During that moment, he and his family were engrossed in watching the news when a video of the Bowen Yards suddenly appeared on the TV screen, showcasing a multitude of aircraft.

«I was completely taken aback, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,» he reminisced.

After graduating from college, the man purchased ten acres of land for his future aircraft home.

When it came to obtaining the airplane, Campbell made a decision he would come to regret. He hired a salvage company, thinking it was the right move. However, he soon realized it was a «big mistake» as the cost skyrocketed from $30,000 to an astonishing $100,000.

His home is truly captivating with remnants of the airplane that once operated within its walls. He enjoys the cozy comfort of a futon sofa, which doubles as his bed. To stay warm during the winter months, he relies on the soothing embrace of an electric blanket.

He used a cell phone in a cabin window to access the internet because aircraft don’t have the best signal reception. During the interview, he was eager to receive a reliable Wi-Fi signal from Hillsboro.

In addition to his basic indoor amenities like a shower, guest lavatory, washing machine, and refrigerator, he openly admits to being a «nerd» and prefers to rely on his microwave oven rather than cooking.

When the video came out, Campbell was forking over about $220 per month in property taxes.

The aircraft was truly captivating, not just because it had been transformed into a home, but also because of its intriguing backstory. Campbell revealed that it was the very same aircraft on which Aristotle Onassis, the former owner of Olympic Airways, had taken his final flight.

After the tragic assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, Onassis found love and companionship in his marriage to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

«I have absolutely no regrets about pursuing this vision. It’s enjoyable. Jetliner homes are absolutely fascinating, and based on my personal experience with my guests, I truly believe that humanity will fully embrace this vision. It is my belief that we can make the most of every retired jetliner that comes out of service,» he expressed.

Despite residing in a one-of-a-kind residence, it seemed that Campbell’s complete vision had not yet come to fruition. He felt that his aircraft was «in the wrong country» since his closest friends and loved ones were in Japan. This led him to plan his next project: replicating the same concept in the Asian country.

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