Mart Hoogkamer’s Spontaneous Performance of ‘Unchained Melody’ On The Beach Breaks The Internet

In August 2020, Mart Hoogkamer captured the attention of the internet with a video that quickly spread across social media. The video showcased his incredible singing talent as he performed on a picturesque Spanish beach.

While on vacation, Mart unexpectedly found himself in the spotlight when a video of him and his friends singing «Unchained Melody» on the beach went viral. As the small Bluetooth speaker played a backing track, he flawlessly sang the entire song, maintaining a cheerful demeanor throughout the impromptu performance.

One of his friends recorded his impressive performance and chose to share it on social media. Surprisingly, the video gained the attention of millions of people worldwide. The performance generated a lot of excitement, and it didn’t end there. Many news outlets picked up on the viral sensation and included the video in their coverage. Within a few short days, the remarkable performance became a sensation that spread far and wide.

Check out the video below to appreciate his incredible voice:

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