Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Recreates Adorable Childhood Moment | Watch Their ‘Footloose’ Dance Here

A bride and her dad shared a heartwarming moment during their father-daughter wedding dance.

Weddings and all the emotions that come with them can be quite overwhelming for everyone involved in the ceremony. Indeed, weddings symbolize the joyous start of a new chapter for the couple. However, when standing at the altar and exchanging marriage vows with that special person, it also signifies the conclusion of other aspects of one’s life.

It appears that a father and daughter pleasantly surprised their guests by choosing to recreate a cherished childhood memory during their ceremonial father-daughter dance. It was a chance for them to savor a precious moment that clearly held great significance for the bride and her father.

On social media, a video clip captures the beginning of a father-daughter dance, following the usual expectations. However, the situation quickly takes an unexpected twist. A new tune begins playing, «Let’s Hear It for The Boy,» as the music abruptly cuts out.

The young woman and her father proceed to recreate a dance routine from the beloved 1980s movie «Footloose,» featuring the talented Kevin Bacon. As soon as the guests catch on to what the pair are up to, they erupt in enthusiastic shouts and applause, wholeheartedly cheering on the father and daughter.

However, there’s more to watch in the clip than just the bride and her dad strutting their stuff on the dance floor. In the background, there’s a screen showcasing a heartwarming video of the dancing duo performing their synchronized moves at a dance recital from the bride’s childhood.

During a post-viral interview, Dad humorously revealed that he had only two goals in mind for their unexpected dance.

“Once I got out there, I had two things in mind – two objectives,” he said. “Number one was not to forget any steps, and the second was not to injure myself.”

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