My Fiancé Forbids Me to Wear White to Our Wedding

In November 2022, a Reddit user posted a disturbing story on the «Off My Chest» forum. The anonymous poster had been in a long-term relationship with her fiancé, Ryan, and they had recently gotten engaged. Unbeknownst to her, her wedding plans were about to take an unexpected turn.

During the course of the wedding planning, Ryan brought up an idea that left the poster feeling perplexed. He advised against wearing a white dress on their special day. Initially, she dismissed it, attributing it to Ryan’s artistic mindset. Unbeknownst to her, this innocent suggestion marked the start of an astonishing revelation.

Just two weeks before the big day, the woman made the exciting purchase of her beautiful white wedding dress. She couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement as she pictured herself gracefully making her way down the aisle. However, when she showed Ryan what she bought, things didn’t go as planned. His frustration was evident as he adamantly demanded to see the dress. However, she was determined to keep the surprise under wraps, much to Ryan’s growing restlessness.

After she disclosed that her dress was white, Ryan’s intense response caught her completely off guard. He really loved the idea of a red dress. He believes that brides should only wear white if they are considered «pure.» This surprising revelation left the woman uncertain about their future as a couple.

In an effort to change her opinion, Ryan reached out to his mother for assistance. But even she agreed with the woman, causing further tension. The debate surrounding the symbolism of the wedding dress grew more intense. During the confrontation, Ryan’s mother went as far as suggesting that he should wear red if he had lost his virginity. It was an emotional moment for Ryan, who ended up in tears, but he stood his ground, convinced that wearing white would fool their wedding guests.

The woman’s faith in her relationship with Ryan was completely shattered. She was shocked by his behavior and seriously questioned their future as a couple. Her concern deepened when she realized Ryan’s obsession with her past, specifically her experience of losing her virginity prior to their relationship. She was deeply affected by this revelation and reached out to anyone who would lend an ear, seeking understanding.

After calling off her engagement, the woman discovered that she was about to go on her first date in six years. Seeking guidance on appropriate attire, she sought advice from the Reddit community. Interestingly, many commenters suggested that she wear red, showing their support for her decision to move on.

Do you agree with the woman’s choice to call off the engagement? Making this decision can be quite challenging, but ultimately, everyone deserves a partner who genuinely appreciates and embraces their true selves.

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