Son’s Face and Reaction When Dad Starts Lying in “Job Interview” Is Pure Gold

Always be honest during a job interview.

Being completely honest during a job interview is absolutely essential, don’t you think? Job interviews are a valuable tool for evaluating applicants and determining their suitability for a position.

It’s a crucial step in the hiring process where a candidate showcases their accredited credentials, potential, and character. It is crucial to prioritize honesty, as the popular saying «fake it ’till you make it» doesn’t always yield the desired results.

Reflecting on the post-pandemic era.

Ever since the COVID-19 virus emerged, numerous changes have taken place. It’s incredible how many of our usual in-person activities have now shifted to online transactions. One topic that comes to mind is job interviews.

In the pre-pandemic era, job interviews were typically conducted through traditional face-to-face interactions, where questions were asked and answered in person. In order to create a safer work environment for all, companies across various industries have opted for virtual job interviews.

And when a job interview goes on at home, there’s a pretty high chance of getting the kids involved in it.

A trend that’s making people LOL!

This online trend involves parents, whether they are mothers or fathers, along with their children, participating in a simulated job interview. So here’s the deal: the parent will put on a little show, acting like they’re recording themselves. They’ll talk about who they are, their qualifications, and what kind of parent they are at home.

On top of that, they will ask one of their kids to take part in the fake interview. The catch is that they will lie about who they are and what they do at home. Simply put, they will tell complete lies in front of their kids and bait their funny reactions.

This trend has been widely popular on various social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.

Experience the heartwarming moments of a young boy’s genuine reactions to his father’s larger-than-life stories. This video is sure to bring a smile to your face and remind you of the pure innocence of childhood.

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