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— All right, so here is how I actually pack cookies in the cookie tin. So I’m gonna give you a step-by-step tutorial and show you how you can ship cookies in the mail using a cookie tin.

Now this is an example of one of the tins we have. (lid clanking) It’s just a basic holiday, of course Santa Claus cookie. Now this is a 10-inch cookie tin. From left to right it is 10 inches. Why am I telling you that? Well because whatever size you decide to do with your board, the cookie board that I’m gonna show you how I use, if you use a nine inch, for instance, this is a pretty standard size cookie baking board.

Картинки по запросу cookies

Okay, you put cookies on this, you put cakes on ’em, whatever you wanna do. Now I did another video that you may or may not have seen that I showed you already how to ship cookies. That method using simply just shrink wrap and the baker’s board, okay?

This is gonna show you how to properly do this in a cookie tin and it’s gonna be the best way possible to ship cookies in the mail that they do not get damaged. And it’s very easy for your other customers if you’re doin’ this as a business, or your family and friends and stuff to open these cookies without them getting damaged.

Картинки по запросу cookies

So make sure, really quick note. Your thickness on the cookie tin is around three inches. At least three inches from here to here. Why? Because when you start to stack cookies on your tray they’re going to be kind of mounded in the center a little. So you need to have space for that, okay? Now I’m gonna use some of these as an example. These are just some of my vanilla cookies.

This some cookies that we used before just for real basic cookies as an example. All right, so I’m gonna stack 24 cookies on this tray and then I’m gonna show you what I’m gonna do with it. All right, let’s get these on here. 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, all right, 16, 18, 20, and I’m gonna show you what I mean.

22, 23, 24. This is what I mean about, you see how they are stacked, right? Now of course your cookies if they’re thin they’re not gonna be as thick, okay. But you see the depth. And I’ll show you this is about three inches thick worth of cookies, okay? So let’s go over here and lemme show you really quick how we shrink wrap this. All right, so here we are we’re on our packing table.

Really quick I’m gonna give you a great example of how you’re gonna shrink wrap these and make this work. So what are you gonna need to make this work? Lemme take this off really quick now. Sorry for the, here we go. Lemme show you around a little bit here and then we can get started. So you got your heat sealing machine.

Картинки по запросу cookies

This is going to seal the shrink wrap, which by the way has to be food grade shrink wrap. Meaning that it can have direct contact with food. Because, oh by the way there’s your heat gun. Get yourself a heat gun. By the way I’ll have description down in the descriptions I’ll give you of course links if you don’t have it already.

Okay cookies. I’ll give you all of these links for all of these products ’cause these are what I use. Every single set of cookies that goes out the door. I use a heat gun, Wagner. And I use the sealer, and then food grade shrink wrap. All right.

So now that we’ve got that done here’s how we’re gonna do this. I’m gonna put the camera back up on the tripod, I’m gonna shrink wrap this and then I’m gonna show you how we actually put this in. All right, okay, let me scoot the camera over just a little.

Sorry about all of the moving of the camera. (laughs) All right, so here’s how we’re gonna do it. Get our shrink wrap on here. This is a two-sided shrink wrap so I actually have to seal it on one side and then seal it on the other. And then I open it up. See how it opens?

Then I place the cookies inside. You got your cookies here, you got your bag. Now on both sides it’s sealed. Put ’em inside here. So both sides of the bag are sealed up. I place it inside, I fold over the extra. There’s a little excess, no big deal.

And then we’re gonna crimp and seal this. And I’m gonna take that off. Right, so now you’ve got it sealed but now you’ve got to actually heat seal it. (heat gun whirring) I’m gonna show you how we do that.

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All right, so you wanna move this around a little bit and get it shrinking. Remember you gotta use food grade direct contact shrink wrap. If you don’t, your product will taste like plastic.

There are specific shrink wraps dedicated food and there are shrink wraps dedicated to stuff that’s not food. Give it a little shot on the bottom there. Okay, I’m doin’ this super quick just to show you. Okay. So now you’ve got this completely shrink wrapped and you see that there, you see the thickness?

This is what I was talkin’ to you about. You see how thick that is? That is why we need to have at least a three inch, three inch because of the depth of the cookies. Okay so now that you have this, do not put those styrofoam peanuts.

I highly recommend you not use them. I do not use them. I don’t recommend you use them. It’s going to drive your customers nuts and if it’s your family they’re not gonna wanna clean up after 20 minutes of those silly little popcorn things all over the place. Don’t use them. So now you’ve got your cookies, by the way, secured right? They’re not going anywhere. Perfect.

Now you wanna put ’em in your pretty little cookie tin. Remember, 9-inch bakers board, you need 10-inch tin. Okay, your cookie tin has to be about 10 inches. You’ve gotta have the space.

I’ll show you why. All right, s let me get my bubble wrap really quick. Okay, so we have our bubble wrap sheet, right? Now here’s where you need to really pay attention to how I pack this.

Картинки по запросу cookies

Take your sheet and you wanna lay it, if you have too much of it, (plastic ripping) just tear off a little bit of it. You wanna lay that inside of your tin. Cookie tin. Bubble wrap. Lay it inside.

It’s gonna give it a beautifully snug fit. Cookies, we put them inside, right? Now press ’em down a little. Press it down, work it down, then fold this over.

(plastic crinkling) Boom. You now have cookies in a beautiful tin. They’re not going anywhere, you see that? Nowhere, they’re moving nowhere. Cover it up. Make sure your bubble wrap is in there, that’s that extra space I was telling you about.

Take your tin, put it on top. Bam. This is the world’s greatest way to ship cookies that will not break. See? Put your lid on there, listen.

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Nothing’s moving. Nothing. You could throw this, nothing’s going anywhere. Open it up, oh my goodness, look what I got. Cookies for Christmas. Look at this, holiday cookies, beautiful. Done.

That is the world’s greatest method to ship cookies in the mail without them breaking. I guarantee it. You follow these instructions your never gonna have a broken cookie.

If you wanna start a cookie business and you’re shipping cookies online and you’re shipping hundreds of these and you’re putting them in cookie tins this will not break your cookies.

You could ship them anywhere you want, they will not break. Guarantee you. I guarantee you, follow these instructions. Fold over your bubble wrap, put your lid on.

Call it a day. That’s it. Bam, done. Don’t put peanuts in here. People don’t wanna spend an hour pickin’ up peanuts. Okay? Those little styrofoam peanuts, don’t do that. Plus it’s very tack looking. You get these cookies, you open ’em up, you fold this back.

Look at how pretty it is. It’s done. Gotcha, see? All right, so if you have any questions about this I wanted to make the video short and sweet. To the point. Very simple method, but a method that will work for you. Ship your cookies anywhere you want.

Then you basically just put ’em in a shipping box. That’s all. I won’t necessarily show you that because I already have a video about that.

I’ll put the other video that I did about shipping the cookies in the actual shipping box down in the description. But that’s how you pack the cookies to be shipped. Fantastic, cool? All right guys.

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