Top 5 Food Businesses for Millenials to start in 2020 With Growth and Success (Part 2)

Snacks are always on the go. You bring ’em to sporting events. You bring ’em to birthday parties. Anywhere and everywhere where there’s a group of kids. Snacks will get eaten very quickly. So creating a line of healthy snacks.

Even if it’s energy bars. If it happens to be some healthy low-sugar crackers or cookies that are prepackaged in snack sizes and the list goes on and on. But in general, healthy kids’ snacks is a line of food, a category that’s going to continue to grow always. Especially with parents.

Millennial parents who have more than one child. They can tell you first hand that going through snacks is something that is never gonna go away any time soon. Only gonna grow. Number two. Organic anything. Literally anything. The organic industry has exploded to an annual sales of over 4.6 billion dollars in the U.S. alone. That’s just in the category of organic food products. 4.6 billion.

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That is huge. So if you are looking to create a food business or start one, I would say out of all of them, my actually, my interest lately had been in the organic category. We are looking to create a line of organic food products and it is a bit of a challenge to do. I’m not gonna lie to you. It’s not something you can do overnight.

But even if you start with one single product, many of these small startup food businesses that specialize in either healthy or very minimally processed foods or their organic or they’re gluten-free or sugar-free, many of these small startups are being sold to these big companies for hundreds of millions of dollars.

I kid you not. I’ve actually done two or three videos on my channel here that actually talk about some success stories of small food businesses that have turned out to be really quite lucrative when they’ve been sold to bigger companies. So organic anything. 

If you’re talkin’ about, if you wanna get into organic produce, if you wanna start something local and sell to grocery stores, organic produce is always gonna be growing at a rapid pace. Anything organic that’s shelf-stable products. I’ve seen even a full line of gummy snacks. Gummy snacks that are made from all natural products that kids devour but there’s no junk in them.

So organic anything is definitely a viable product over the next 10 to 15 years. So lastly it brings me to number one. And it is supplements. Now you may be saying, «Well Damian, that’s not exactly «a food product.» You’re right.

But supplements covers a vast variety of products from actual supplement tablets and pills with a lot of natural herbs and roots that are now coming out that are being used as supplements to everything to protein bars.

Meal replacement bars. Powder proteins. Dry dehydrated natural vegetables that are now becoming powdered supplement super foods that they’re blending a lot of varieties of dry powderized vegetables together creating healthy shakes and drinks. So there’s a huge variety of products.

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And again, this one I came across, there was actually four companies that I found that offered specifically private labeled and co-packing of this type of product. Yes, you can actually start a supplement business without actually making supplements yourself. You can create a business by having a private label company put your name on it and basically ship it where you want.

Now I make it sound simple, but of course yes, with any business there are a few hurdles to jump through and get over and then you’ve of course gotta make yourself legitimate and all of that good stuff. Don’t get me wrong, this gonna something you start over night. But these five types of food businesses for 2020 are only gonna continue to grow.

So if you wan to get in on food business of some kind and you happen to be a millennial, and I specifically am choosing that demographic by the way, because millennials are opening their own businesses out of every generation, they’re actually one of the largest entrepreneur generations ever.

It’s amazing the amount of businesses being opened by millennials so this is something that could be much more appealing maybe even then doing T-shirts. Maybe even then doing drop shipping.      You hear a lot of that, I’ll hear on YouTube about drop shipping and T-Shirt, and I made $100,000 in a week, it’s absolute nonsense. Plus those markets are so saturated it’s unbelievable.

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If you wanna get on on something that is not as saturated with entrepreneurship it’s gonna be the food category. Specifically for millennials.

So take those five and let me know if you have any comments or questions about this, please do let me know down below but take these five, pick one of them out, look into it for the new year for 2020. Start your new business and give me a heads up and let me know how successful you are net year. Take care.

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