Nokia 4.2 Unboxing and Review

Hey guys, it’s Eric here and i’ve used the Nokia 4.2 for 2 weeks now and here are my thoughts about it.First off, a quick unboxing. if you’ve seen any of my previous Nokia unboxing videos, it’s almost the same.

In the box you have the device all wrapped in plastic. We have the Black color here which is more like a greyish black in real life. Let’s turn it on and keep it to the side for now. You have the SIM ejector tool sealed in tape. You have a product & safety info and get started booklet where we can clearly see that it does support a lot of 4G/LTE bands including the infamous Glo 4G band 28.

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In a separate compartment, you have a 5 watt charger, a Micro USB cable and proprietary Nokia earphones. On the front you have a 5.71 inch HD+ IPS LCD display with 19 by 9 aspect ratio On top of that display you have an 8 megapixel camera and speaker with a nokia branding on the bottom of your display.

On the back you have a 13 + 2 Megapixel camera with flash and a fingerprint sensor. On the left you have a dedicated google assistant button and a 3-in-1 tray that houses a 2 4G/LTE nano SIMs and an SD Card. On the right you have your power button that lights up as your notification LED and volume rocker keys.

On the top you have a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a microphone On the bottom, you have a speaker and micro usb port and a noise cancellation microphone.About the design, the back of Nokia 4.2 doesn’t easily stand out from the rest. It looks very similar to the 5.1 Plus. Same plastic back and frame which blends well, pretty light weight and feels very nice in the hand. It is a huge huge fingerprint magnet.

Print marks are a lot less obvious on the Pink Sand color and it looks a lot more appealing than the black one.The front does spot a tiny drop notch which is new to Nokia, however the bezels and chin are still a little on the thick side. The HD+ display is not as crisp as what you get on the 5.1 plus for some reason but it’s bright outdoors, it’s got great viewing angles and is responsive to type on.

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On the display settings you have adjustable white balance which is entirely different from your night light feature for all your night time reading. What you don’t get is an option to hide the notch. You get Digital wellbeing which tells you if you’re spending too much time on social media or other apps and you can limit the hours you spend on each one per day.

In the gesture settings, you can also disable that google assistant button in case of frequent accidental presses + some of us are so used to saying “hey google” to call up google assistant.This comes in 32gigs of storage and 3gigs of RAM. It shipped with Android 9 Pie and because it’s android one, you get very little bloatware and regular security updates.

In terms of performance, I’m pretty new to the Snapdragon 439 Octa-Core CPU clocked at 2.0GHZ so i didn’t know what to expect at first, turns out that it runs pretty smoothly, slightly better than the Helio P22 on the Nokia 3.1 Plus. Then again the 3.1 Plus didn’t meet up to the speed of other devices running the same chipset.

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The fingerprint sensor is however slower than the 3.1 plus’s and its face unlock is crawling. I don’t think it’s a practical method of unlocking your phone at this pace.When it comes to Gaming, I played PUBG very well on default settings which is smooth graphics and medium frame rates.

It’s not without lag and it’s harder to navigate some games on a smaller display but it is way smoother than the gaming experience on the 3.1 Plus. Games like Subway surf fair very well on this guy and if games like this are the kinds of games you like, you won’t notice any lag whatsoever.

The Nokia 4.2 uses a 3000mAh which is pretty average by today’s standards. Be that as it may, this got me through a full day of use with over over 8 hours of screen on time. Here I was basically on Instagram for 5 hours straight , consuming video content on WiFi and then of course, i played a bit of PUBG with some of you on Twitter s/o to you guys. I think the battery life is pretty good considering.

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It took me 2 hour and 43 minutes for a full charge. It doesn’t support quick charging. The camera on takes really decent pictures outdoors, nicely saturated but dynamic range lacking. It comes with bokeh aka portrait mode for the front and back camera, the portrait selfie is surprisingly accurate with depth sensing.

Indoors, Images appear really soft but the front camera does come through with better skin tones. It records videos in 1080P for the primary and secondary camera. I think the Nokia 4.2 sits comfortably between the older Nokia 3.1 Plus and Nokia 5.1 Plus.

Adding a notification LED is nice, though it’s not the most visible placement but it’s better than nothing. For the asking price of 49,000 naira which converts to $135 US dollars, there’s a lot of competition for this guy, especially the Nokia X5 which i reviewed, i’d be leaving a link to my review in the video description.

The Nokia 4.2’s support for Glo 4G band 28 is just about the only thing it has over the competition. Hope you enjoyed this video, if you did give it a thumbs up and share it. Also follow me on twitter and instagram to see what i’m up to. Please hit that subscribe button down below as it would mean a lot to me and i’d see you in the next one, peace.

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