Fitness Coach Makes Over 10k Each Month

— Alright, so, that being said, welcome back to the channel, Max Tornow here. I’m sitting here with Julian Hierro, is that how I pronounce your name? — That was very close. Hierro. — Hierro.

Sitting here with Julian Hierro, one of our clients and Julian has absolutely been crushing it. In fact, he helps people become fitter, a fitter version of themselves, and he’s made back to back, over 10k a month over the last three months so you know, on average you’re banking over 10k a month now over the last three months which is obviously really great.

It is something that you can do as you’re traveling, you know you’re location dependent, you’re time independent and most importantly, he’s been doing it very consistently, okay? And obviously Me as one of your mentors, I’m really happy about that, right.

The other mentors in my team are super happy about that too, we’ve been talking about you, and we thought we’d share it a little bit with you here, our dear viewer, just to inspire you to see that it is indeed possible and that, you know, with online coaching you can make it all happen. So, Julian, thanks for having time, I really appreciate that. You are in, where are you right now, Mexico? — (mutters) Mexico.

— Wow, so, is it summer there right now, or uh? — It’s summer year round, man. — (Max laughing) Yeah that’s what. — (Julian laughing) — That’s amazing. — It’s (muttering) Caribbean in Mexico. — Aw gee, but you yourself are not from Mexico? — No, I’m from Venezuela originally. — Okay, so that’s pretty cool. What made you live in Mexico? What made you choose that part of the world?

— Dude, honestly, since like five years ago, I dreamed about living by the beach by the Caribbean. And one day I just woke up and I say like, enough waiting, I’m just gonna buy my ticket and go. And I haven’t left since I came here. — That’s amazing. I mean, you know, I’ve seen you on the Instagram pages and stuff like that. It really seems like you’re enjoying life and I’m really happy for you man, really happy.

Now, tell us a little bit, you know, about your journey and how you get to those 10k on average per month. Like how, how were you before you got into the program? — Yeah Man, so uh, long story short. Beginning of the year, well last year I had a full time job. Beginning of the year, the company wasn’t doing so well. I had some problems with my former boss and he let me go.

I been into fitness for — Yeah Yeah, I love how you say he let you go. Like you mean you got fired, or? — Yeah, I got fired basically. — Jeez, Man. Okay. I mean, I love that, I love that you’re nice like, Oh yeah my boss he let me go, you know?. All right, anyways, yeah. — He fired me. He fired me. So um, yeah, I was like I was in a pretty dark place for like a month, two months.

I wasn’t sure about what to do with life. But you know what, I said, I’ve been into fitness since I’m like, 12. I know how to do this, I know how to help people. So I just decided to get started with fitness coaching. At the beginning I was doing it by myself. Like, my mindset was all wrong. My mindset about money, the prices I was charging, the way I was talking to people.

I started anyway, and I got some clients, I got some results but I wasn’t even close to making the amount of money I was making. I was charging something like $50 a month or something back then. So yeah, I was, it was pretty low, but it was a start. And then, I, a couple months later I, I came across the program and I decided to take the leap. And honestly, like, the mindset shift I’ve gotten from the program has been just outstanding. Like, I can’t thank you guys enough for that. — Sounds amazing, Man.

Well, happy, happy Man. It’s interesting that you said that you know, you’ve tried it yourself a little bit, and the issue that you had back then is a very common issue. That people may have a skill already, right. And in your case it was the fitness thing, and you decide that you want to monetize it. But then, they’re doing a lot of things fundamentally wrong. So, you’ve charged 50 bucks per month, which doesn’t work, okay? It’s very bad for you as the expert, right?

If you’re watching this as well. But it’s also bad for the clients, and. Now, it’s difficult to just say like, okay got it Max, charge more. But it also goes along with being positioned well enough to actually reach the clients that are able to afford that higher price. And obviously, that is one thing you gotta know, positioning yourself correctly, that is one of the things that we learn right away, very early on in the program.

And then obviously, you know, applying basic level sales to get these people on a call, and you know, ask for those high prices and. You, your, you’ve always been someone in the program that has just executed. Like, I feel like whenever I talk to you, I never felt a lot of resistance In terms of like, I’m telling you what is wrong and what you have to execute. Cause some people are like, they resist that. They’re like, oh no it’s not wrong, right? But you were always like.

You looked like right now. You’re just like, there and you’d listen, and you’d like, you nodded. And then, the week later when I would be on a call with you again, you would just have executed all these things. And all of the sudden, you just made more and more money. Which is a great thing, so you know, like for anybody listening or watching this right now.

There’s a lot of things. There’s a lot of coachability that goes into that. The more coachable you are, the more successful you become and, this is also something that, you know, I have to deal with my mentors. I have to swallow my pride and admit if I made mistakes, and just execute. At the end of the day, you know, my ego might be a little cracked but at the end of the day, I get results, which is important. 

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