The brightest two-year-old ever?

A child’s second birthday is a significant event in his or her life. Most children her age are still learning to say their names and have only a few words in their vocabulary; not little Veronica.

Veronica tells her mother everything she knows just days after her second birthday. Her knowledge base is quite impressive. She spouts the typical toddler nonsense about loving mom and dad.

Then her knowledge grows. Her mother requests that she imitate pop culture icons such as Michael Jackson, Homer Simpson, and Peewee Herman. Veronica, the adorable little girl, perfectly imitates them all.

This brilliant young lady can tell you the color of her eyes and even how to spell her own name. Veronica even knows her age, proudly raising two fingers.

Veronica is also a talented young actress. Her father instructs her to cry and laugh. She complies with some hilariously dramatic reactions that make her parents laugh.

Her mom keeps asking Veronica who she loves the most, but the little girl won’t answer. Finally, at the end of the video, Veronica admits she loves her daddy best.

Two years old is such a sweet stage. Kids absorb more information than you would think. Just ask little Veronica, and she will tell you just how bright a toddler can be.

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