There were four unique quadruplets born. There are only 70 such cases in the world.

The happy family made headlines when four twins were born at the same time for the first time in 40 years.

Ann and Andrew were blessed with a large family.

In the fourth month of their pregnancy, the couple learned that they would have four children.

Three babies were discovered by ultrasound at first, and the fourth baby was discovered later.

The fact that these are identical twins, i.e. they have the same appearance, distinguishes this case.

Multiple pregnancies occur frequently, but the babies are of different genders or appearances.

The chances of having children as our heroes did are 1 in 13 million, and only 70 such cases are known in the world.

The babies were born at the 32nd week of pregnancy by cesarean section.

The weight of each of the four sisters is about two kilograms, height 42-43 centimeters.

Doctors report that the children and mother are doing well, now they are being monitored by doctors.

Naturally, the young mother was very worried before giving birth, but everything turned out well.

Now the children are in the intensive care unit under medical supervision.

Their 24-year-old mother is nearby, recuperating in the next ward.

All doctors are satisfied with their state of health.

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