The bullied girl lost 138 pounds and everyone was shocked when they saw her at prom

Most stories about people losing weight are inspiring, but this one about a sixteen-year-old girl who was picked on and decided to change her unhealthy habits is very different.

Josephine Desgrand, from Queensland, Australia, has been bullied and mocked for her weight since she was a child. Josephine weighed slightly more than 280 pounds at her heaviest. When she saw the number on the scale, she understood she had to act quickly before it was too late.

As an extra bonus, Josephine told herself that she would fit into her dream prom gown.
Spoiler alert: she did, and the transformation is incredible.

Josephine began her weight loss quest at the age of 16 after noticing how her weight affected her both physically and mentally. She was unable to exercise and was filled with questions and concerns, exacerbated by her friends’ terrible bullying at school. She didn’t want her weight to define her and was determined to lose weight and live a better lifestyle.

Josephine had attempted a few diets and programs in the past, but she could never commit to such regimens on a long-term basis, and she never saw any meaningful success. Even though it was still two years away, prom night was a good excuse to start making changes since she wanted to appear absolutely stunning in her prom gown.

After two years, the scales have dropped by a stunning 138 pounds.

Josephine’s metamorphosis is amazing, and in some photos, you might not recognize her. In her recent photos, you can see her great grin and pride, and properly so.

Throughout her two-year journey, Josephine has managed to inspire people all around the world with her commitment to healthy living. With over 80,000 followers on her Instagram feed, the Australian youngster can really call herself an Instagram celebrity. She also emphasizes the importance of never giving up.

«I followed a low carb, no sugar diet for TWO WHOLE YEARS,» she explained on Instagram. «About six months into my trip, I started eating natural sugars. I shed 63kg in the first 12 months. I don’t regard this as a diet to lose weight; I see it as a new way of life. »

As you might expect, she had to work hard to get this far, but she wants to set a good example.

«I’ve faced some really difficult trials over the last two years, but I’ve opted to pick myself up and keep progressing.» Everyone has terrible days; never allow a stumbling block to derail your progress. »

Her many ‘before and after’ images are nothing short of amazing.

Aside from these photos, Josephine offers advice to people who desire to follow in her path, as well as insight into her daily training regimen and nutrition. In fact, Josephine created her own food plan to share with her fans. She is also always happy to answer anyone’s inquiries.

«Health is more than simply what you eat and drink. It also involves what you are thinking and saying. «Make mental health a priority,» she suggests. «Self-care is how you reclaim your power!»

On prom night, Josephine looked gorgeous.
Two years of hard work paid off, and in a big way! For prom night, Josephine picked a gorgeous and glittery red gown that would instantly remind you of Jessica Rabbit. But her newfound confidence and pride are perhaps more stunning than her gown.

She achieved it, and she hopes that her quest to lose weight will now encourage others to do the same. Sometimes all you need is a nudge to get started.

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