A very special mom gave birth to her first child three years ago… This is how Sarah’s daughter looks like now…

And, obviously, the chosen one left, leaving the girl with a one-year-old child «in her arms». Without arms, without assistance, and even with the baby on her feet, Sarah was having a hard time raising her baby.

Today I need to introduce you to Sarah, a remarkable woman. Sarah is used to doing almost everything by her feet, including cooking, cleaning, and applying makeup. This Belgian, in spite of the many of challenges she faced, was able to penetrate the system, and she even gave birth to a child.

Sarah gave birth to a baby girl in 2018, and the baby transformed her life.

Sarah did not even need to ask for help from her ex-partner, who was unable to tolerate the difficulties and decided to disappear from their lives, leaving her alone with a kid who was just one year old. She managed to go on with her life without him. 

We can’t help but admire such women who do above and beyond their natural abilities to raise their children. What a hero we have in this young woman!

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