Simon thinks the girl is crazy for trying the ‘worst music ever,’ until the first note is played.

«X Factor UK candidate Gamu Nhengu captures Simon Cowell’s attention in a three-minute performance and breathes new life into a song created before she was born.»

Nhengu, who is 18 years old, says she wants to be someone and do something that people will remember if she becomes a singer. She speaks eloquently and persuasively in front of the four judges, and she does not appear nervous.

Nhengu chose the song ‘Walking on Sunshine.’ It’s by Katrina and the Waves, a new wave band from the 1980s. While Katrina and the Waves are not a one-hit wonder, they are best known for a 1985 single. ‘Walking on Sunshine’ is a 1980s and nostalgic cinema favorite.

Nhengu informs the judges in her introduction that she has made some changes to her song. She doesn’t say what she changed, whether it was a lyrical change or a new arrangement, so the audience and judges are naturally intrigued. Once she gets over the introductions and starts singing, Nhengu does not disappoint.

Simon Cowell, unlike the other three judges, appears to have skipped breakfast and has a rumbly stomach. “ Simon responds to Nhengu’s claim that she changed her music with, «I’m excited to hear what you’ve done with this song.»

While Simon keeps his mournful expression throughout the song, Nhengu’s vivacity and wit are instantly noticed by the crowd. Her alterations were tiny, but they had a significant impact on the song’s overall meaning. Unlike the original song’s chorus, which begins, «you’re my sunshine/and don’t it feel amazing,» Nhengu’s interpretation begins, «you’re my sunshine/but you gotta go.»

This alludes to the song’s theme: a breakup. Nhengu informs her that she does not want to waste her time looking for a date. From her body language to her acerbic delivery to her clothing, it’s a powerful performance that fits Nhengu’s personality well. Nhengu is dressed to the nines with a floor-length gown and a huge rose bow in her hair.

The other judges have nothing but admiration for Nhengu. Louis Walsh practically gushes about the young performer, saying she has “something incredibly nice” about her and praising her attitude, song selection, and vibrancy. Nhengu is described as “soulful” by Walsh, and anyone watching would agree with that assessment.

Simon, on the other hand, appeared dissatisfied. «I’m leaving, to be honest with you,» Simon says. The house music changes and the room becomes silent. You sang one of my worst songs ever.» Simon then takes a break. The world appears to come to a halt until Simon responds, «You did something different with it-I like you.»

Simon continues to commend Nhengu on her jazzy approach, and she appears to breathe for the first time in several minutes. After she tells the judges about her mother through tears, all four judges vote yes. Simon even says «a million percent yes» as Nhengu’s girlfriend walks out onto the platform to greet her ecstatic daughter. Changing things around is sometimes the best way to show how amazing you are.»

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