People Embracing Their Gray Hair Hairstylist shares ten stunning before-and-after photos!

Aging can be a difficult reality for people to accept, which is why many people dye their gray hair when it appears. Anyone who colors their hair on a regular basis understands how much time and money it takes to keep it looking good, and the process can quickly become tedious.

Jack Martin, the owner of Jack Martin Salon, has worked with many people who have experienced this issue. That’s why he was instrumental in establishing a lovely new trend!

One day, a woman came in and explained that she wanted to extend the time between her hair appointments. She just didn’t know how to do it with her gray hair. After they talked for a while, Jack encouraged her to go all in and embrace her natural color.

After she agreed, he gave her a total makeover. People have been flocking to him ever since for a stunning transformation of their own because the outcome was so amazing! Check out the 10 before-and-after photos below to see how beautiful they are!

1. «We decided to lighten her colored hair to blend with her roots because this stunning client was extremely tired of coloring her hair every three weeks.»

2. She ended up with the most beautiful ombré.

3. Her smile says it all!

4. A total transformation in the best possible way.

5. What a great look!

6. “Brassy to icy silver.”

7. Stunning color and a confident cut to go with it!

8. We only have one word: gorgeous!

9. So much more manageable.

10. She is glowing!

What a great way to encourage everyone to embrace their natural grays!

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