Love through time:a heartfelt reunion 75 years later! How did they re-discover each other?

Everyone longs for their soul mate, a true partner with whom they can easily navigate life. Kara Troy Robbins was extremely lucky to meet and fall in love with the perfect woman.

For some reason, they were doomed to part and wait for the next meeting for the next 75 years, but their feelings did not fade… Because the lovers spoke different languages, they couldn’t always understand each other.

Has anyone ever succeeded in expressing genuine emotions through words? Emotions, touch, and smell can reveal a lot about love. Kara had a full and interesting life, but he couldn’t shake the memory of the young French woman, whose photograph he kept until he was 75 years old. Robbins was convinced that Jeannine had left and never returned, so he made no attempt to locate her.

The journalists to whom the 97-year-old veteran told the story rushed to help because this is a story that could move anyone. The journalists tracked down Jeannine and arranged for the two lovers to meet in a retirement home 40 kilometers away from where they first met. As soon as they recognized each other, they kissed to express their feelings.

They spoke in different languages once more, as they had done 75 years ago because Jeannine had never learned English. When Robbins showed her an old photograph, she didn’t recognize it and assumed it was of her. The couple talked for a long time, and before they parted, Kara promised that they would meet again. We’d like to think he won’t change his mind

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