Coffee and milk: How do the children of this wonderful couple look?

You can’t argue with the fact that this unusual couple was like a cup of milk. They vividly and beautifully demonstrate that love knows no bounds, age, conventions, or prejudices. However, it is fascinating to observe the types of children born out of wedlock. After all, no one can predict what the child will look like.

Jamie and Nicki Perkins are regarded as a competitive couple. They might have looked at them in surprise or admiration twenty years ago, but now no one is perplexed by the couple’s different skin colors. Melbourne, Australia, is home to the family. They married five years ago.

Nikki has her own YouTube channel and also works as a model, appearing in numerous photoshoots. She also has a popular Instagram account with over a million followers.

Dark genes always take precedence. For example, if the mother has blue eyes and the father has brown eyes, the child is more likely to have dark eyes.
Blue eyes, straight, light, or red hair are considered recessive signs.
And it does happen from time to time: Hannah and Kyle had twins with different skin tones.

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