The hauntingly beautiful teen stuns the audience with an Elvis classic

Everyone looks up as a few notes escape from the piano: they recognize the melody. Raffi Arto, 16, plays and sings Elvis Presley’s famous hit «Can’t Help Falling In Love». His voice, which has nothing in common with that of a typical adolescent, gradually fills the room. Strangely, his performance has the same power as Elvis’s at the time.

As the song progresses, we realize Raffi will be a tough competitor. Nobody expected such a sensitive performance from someone so young. This boy isn’t even old enough to drive, but he’s already a talented artist.

Raffi has always had a passion for music. It’s his entire life. He used to sing all the time and everywhere when he was a kid. He began playing the piano at the age of six. The majority of his memories are related to music.

He played, practiced, or let his imagination run wild. His jobs had to be related to music; he never got tired of it.

When asked how many hours he spends practicing music each day in a recent interview, Raffi laughed and said he didn’t count. He explained that he used to play the piano for two or three hours a day, but that day he only did an hour.

The teen also stated that he was interested in other activities such as boxing and football, though he admitted that he had to put sports on hold in order to prepare for his appearance on The Voice. He is aware that the show will be a brief experience on the scale of his life, and he wishes to make the most of it.

Music has always come almost naturally to Raffi, but he believes he has reached a new level. Singing in front of a large crowd complicates matters slightly. He explains that playing in front of millions of people, both in public and on television, is not easy.

He even admits to having stage fright prior to performing. In any case, his anxiety is not being transmitted. His demeanor on stage is relaxed, and the audience appears captivated. His anxiety is completely undetectable.

From the treble to his impeccable vibrato, he delivers a flawless interpretation. Raffi not only has incredible technique, but he also has a real talent for capturing the public’s attention. This guy is very good at dealing with his audience. He has amazing talent!

At the end of the song, the audience stands up like one man and applauds him wildly. Her rendition of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” is winning over the world. Raffi is sure to break through if he continues to deliver these kinds of performances! Watch him in the video below.

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