Celebrities Who Looked Completely Different in 2000s Photos

The noughties have made a reappearance for unknown reasons. Gen Z has brought back the decade’s dress, music, and general style. This is pretty alarming for those of us who lived through the times the first time around. Who knew we’d have to deal with trucker hats, low-rise jeans, and butterfly patterns again? We thought cherry logos and fluffy dice had passed us by. To celebrate the return of the noughties, we look at some celebrities who have changed their vibe since then.

Kim Kardashian

Fashion was so awful in the noughties that almost everyone today looks better than they did then. Or maybe we’re just blinded by today’s fashion and will recognize these trends are ridiculous in 20 years. Anyway, Kim Kardashian wasn’t wearing Skims back then; she was wearing Juicy.

Kimmy is wearing a pink Juicy Couture velour tracksuit with flip flops and a white Louis Vuitton purse in this photo. Most notably, her makeup has changed much since then. Pre-contouring!

Ashley Olsen

To be honest, we’re utterly smitten by the Olsen twins. Perhaps because they were omnipresent in the ’90s and then became grungy fashion queens in the ’00s. Ashley was the more classic of the twins when it came to expressing their own particular style.

The twins have now retired from acting (who can blame them? ), but they are still engaged in the fashion business. Ashley’s sophisticated grunge look has evolved into a more mature version, complete with enormous sunglasses.

Ariana Grande

Take a look at Ariana Grande! She rose to prominence around the start of the teens, but her style still has a hint of the noughties about it. Ariana was a Nickelodeon regular back then, but she was always destined to be a great celebrity. She’s a multi-award-winning artist with a four-octave vocal range.


Ariana Grande really grew up in the style stakes. She now wears a huge high ponytail on most occasions along with poufy ballgowns and oversized streetwear.

Mischa Barton

Here’s a bonafide ’00s celebrity. In reality, actress Mischa Barton was dubbed the «It» girl of 2003. The actress, in her role as Marissa Cooper, was everything we wished to be. However, she has now spoken out about the paparazzi’s pressure and intrusion during that time.

Mischa is wearing a truly horrible ruched, sequined, long gray shirt with pants and pointed shoes in this noughties orange carpet photo. She has now abandoned the styles of the time in favor of more refined looks.

Lindsay Lohan

We’ll continue with the ‘It’ females of the 2000s and then move on to Lindsay Lohan. The star’s course is actually quite depressing. She was a tremendous child star, a teen movie blockbuster in the noughties, and then a tabloid car wreck. Lindsay, like Mischa, was pursued by the press and her every action was scrutinized.

Lindsay Lohan had some questionable looks in the noughties, thanks to her naturally red hair. Do you recall when she got blonde? She’s embracing her natural ginger these days.


The style of the wicked girl has also been drastically altered. RiRi is regarded one of our big style queens since she is adventurous, experimental, and sets trends for everyone else. She was a fresh-faced pop star in the noughties, wearing baby doll tops and cowboy boots.

Fast forward to now, and she’s a fashion powerhouse with her own label. The singer and beauty artist is dressed in an oversized pinstripe jacket, a cap, and gold chains.

Gwen Stefani

Some may argue that Gwen Stefani has maintained her style over the years. She does, after all, always wear platinum blonde hair and scarlet lipstick (despite this picture). However, while she hasn’t aged much, Gwen has moved with the times style-wise. Her love life has also had an effect on her wardrobe.

Gwen released her solo album in the noughties and adopted a streetwear skater feel. Now, owing to her fiancé Blake Shelton, she’s leaning into country music. Look at those boots!

Tara Reid

Actress Tara Reid is one of those stars who seemed to have frozen in time. She was huge at the time, but tabloids portrayed her as the ultimate party girl. The star has been under the radar following botched plastic surgery.

Tara is dressed in a variety of noughties trends in this photo. We’ve got low-rise denim, army tags, a (sideways!) trucker cap, a belly chain, and a very hideous layered top. She obviously has a different appearance these days.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry burst onto the scene with her smash single «I Kissed a Girl» in the mid-noughties. Previously, she had attempted to build a reputation for herself as Katy Hudson, a gospel singer. Despite her Pentecostal pastor parents’ disapproval, she went on to become a big pop sensation.

In comparison to her later looks, Katy’s style was quite subdued back then. Back then, she wasn’t wearing cupcakes or hamburgers, but rather yellow stilettos, shorts, and a blouse. She’s now a true fashion chameleon.

Paris Hilton

It’s the noughties’ queen! Paris Hilton appeared out of nowhere and became completely ubiquitous. Paris was the ‘It’ girl of the decade, with her Juicy tracksuits and little pets. We don’t care what others think.

While Paris Hilton has ditched her baby voice, her style is very similar. Of course, she’s conscious of her entire character and leans into the Parisian atmosphere. And her hair is no longer as bouncy as Farrah Fawcett’s.

Christina Aguilera

Every ’00s child secretly wished they could look like Christina Aguilera following her «Dirrty» makeover. She, like Britney, was a former Disney kid turned bubblegum pop sensation in the 1990s. Christina, on the other hand, became Xtina with her new record, and unveiled outrageous beauty looks as well as a penchant for chaps.

Christina Aguilera’s fashion sense has evolved over the years. For example, after appearing in the film, she went through a burlesque period. She now appears to be the multimillionaire star that she is.

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne, a Canadian teen, was touted as the quintessential skater girl when we first met her. Avril was the era’s rebel, often seen sporting combats, a tie, and loads of heavy-duty arm-wear. At least, that’s what we were led to believe.

Avril has stayed true to her punk rock roots over the years, with a few modifications. She dabbled in Kawaii fashion for a bit, but received some criticism for it. In this photo, she’s dressed in punk pink plaid with a more current style.

Britney Spears

Oh, Britney. Oh, Britney. With hit after hit, the Princess of Pop was a major sensation in the noughties. The paparazzi followed, hounded, and scrutinized Brit, as they did other young female stars of her generation. It famously resulted in her having a public meltdown.

Britney hasn’t looked her best in some time because she’s been trapped in an abusive conservatorship. She testified to not being allowed to have her hair or nails done. Now that her father has been removed, we’re seeing more of her carefree style.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne, like Avril Lavigne, had a more rebellious style than other noughties stars. She was raised with a bit of metal in her and all the attitude to match as the daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne. Kelly’s outfits were pretty emo during this decade; here, she wears a hair bow with a Care Bears tutu dress.

Fans were pretty shocked when Kelly Osbourne revealed her new look in 2021. As well as losing weight, it seemed like the star had undergone fairly major cosmetic surgery.

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