Sean Connery Slept in a Coffin Until a Workmate Gave Him Room… They Still Met Despite ‘James Bond’ Fame

Sir Sean Connery made history as «James Bond,» but he had almost no chance of getting the part because producers didn’t want a «working-class» actor. Sean, on the other hand, had never feared hard work, having dropped out of school at the age of 13 to begin working. After becoming homeless, Sean was forced to sleep in a coffin at his workplace.

Sir Sean Connery died in October 2020 at the age of 90, with his son, Jason Connery, revealing that the actor died peacefully in his sleep. The star’s son revealed that his father had been ill for some time prior to his death in Nassau, Bahamas.

When the late actor died, he was surrounded by family, according to Jason. He talked about how the family was dealing with Sean’s death and how it was a sad day for everyone who knew and loved him.

The actor is survived by his two sons, Stephane and Jason, as well as his wife of 47 years, Micheline Roquebrune. Sean was best known for his role as «James Bond,» but he despised Hollywood and preferred to spend his time in Portugal, Spain, and the Caribbean.

The actor, who met Roquebrune in Morocco, enjoyed playing golf when he was home. Sean’s choice not to live out in luxury might have been solidified by the hard times he had before he became famous.

On August 25, 1930, Thomas Sean Connery was born to a Catholic factory worker and a Protestant domestic cleaner in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh. He grew up in a one-room home with no hot water and had to share a toilet.

Because he lacked qualifications, the future star dropped out of school at the age of 13 and had to work delivering milk. Sean began working as a Corstorphine Dairy barrow worker on July 20, 1944, when he was 14 years old.

He later joined the Royal Navy after being drafted at the age of 16, but was invalided three years later due to stomach ulcers. At one point, the future star had no place to stay after learning French polishing. He stayed at a coffin maker’s workshop in Haddington and was known by his first name before becoming famous.


Fortune Avenue, Haddington’s Tommy Wark recalled how Sean was known as «Tom.» Wark worked on the joinery side of things while Sean polished caskets with two women, adding:

«He came there to start work about 1950 and had nowhere to stay. I know he spent a few nights sleeping in a coffin just after he started.»

Even after becoming famous, the actor never forgot the kindness he received from the family and would pay them visits from time to time. Sean’s path to becoming an actor was also difficult, and he encountered rejection.

Connery Became a Legendary Actor despite Producers Seeing Him as a «Working-Class Scot»

Sean once said that he grew up with no expectations of having a career, and that acting was the furthest thing from his mind. The actor revealed that he never intended to be an actor and that it was all «happenstance.»

His first love was bodybuilding, and he competed in a bodybuilding competition in London in 1953. Another bodybuilder told me that «South Pacific» auditions were being held at the King’s Theatre.

The star [Sir Sean Connery] never did a screen test having proved how masculine, confident, and assertive he was to the producers.

Sean joined and began in the chorus before working his way up to understudy to the lead star due to his natural talent. Throughout the next decade, he was cast in small roles in a variety of films.

While working to make a name for himself, producers Albert R. «Cubby» Broccoli and Harry Saltzman were looking for the man who’d play James Bond in «Dr. No.» Sean was a decade younger than the other actors auditioning for the role, and he didn’t have their experience.

He was dubbed «the working-class Scot,» and author Ian Fleming told producers that he was looking for «Commander Bond, not an overgrown stunt man.» Nonetheless, the producers met with Sean for lunch.

His first impression wasn’t the best as he came looking disheveled with unironed clothes. However, Brocolli’s wife had convinced him to give the 32-year-old actor a chance, and at the end of the meal, Sean had gotten the part.

The star never did a screen test, having proved how masculine, confident, and assertive he was to the producers. Sean sealed the deal, glided out to his car, and was watched by the producers, who loved how he moved «like a jungle cat.» He ended up making history by starring in six Bond films!

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