The man climbed to the 15th floor to save his mother

Jermaine, a 35-year-old American, had worked as a roofer for several years and was familiar with industrial climbing procedures.

He was not afraid of heights as a teenager and frequently climbed on the roofs of high-rise buildings.

When a fire broke out in the house where he lived, all of his knowledge and experience came in handy.

Jermain went to work that day, while his mother stayed at home — in an apartment on the 15th floor — since she had been ill for a long time and couldn’t go up on her own.

A fire broke out in the building, and when the man learned about it, he rushed home.

He was unable to enter through the front door since the property had been blocked off by police and no one was permitted to enter.

His mother was no longer in danger, according to police, because firemen were able to locate the fire.

But Jermain was determined to see it for himself and went to his flat to visit his mother at all costs.

He approached the mansion from the outside and climbed to the 15th story!

He saw his mother from the balcony, and when she saw him, she burst into tears.

«I reassured her and asked if she was all right?

She responded that everything was alright and that the fire had been extinguished.

Then I calmed down and went downstairs.

Later, the man said that he was so worried about his mother that he could not think of anything else.

He did not think at all about the danger in which he was putting his life by climbing to the 15th floor without insurance.

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