There had been a diagnosis. However, it did not stop a 92-year-old woman from anticipating the birth of her great-granddaughter.

Kayla Tracy is a professional photographer who is proud that fate has given her the ability to stop time.

Big words hide no less important things, and this recently happened to her family.

Jen Roper, Kyle’s great-grandmother, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 92, and doctors gave her only a few weeks to live.

But, at the same time, another piece of news hit the family, and everything changed.

Jen rarely got out of bed and took the doctor’s words for granted.

But then her great-granddaughter, Kayla’s sister, announced to the family her long-awaited pregnancy.

Jen, on the other hand, wished she could live a little longer just to see her great-great-granddaughter.

After all, nothing else is required… No one knew how she lasted 36 weeks, but the pictures above show that grandma’s dream was realized.

The next morning, the family was surprised to see Jen preparing breakfast, and she did not appear as haggard and decrepit as she had in recent days.

Grandma asked her great-granddaughter what day it was and began frantically preparing for the 75th anniversary of her wedding.

And even though she gave out instructions more than she worked with her hands, but at the age of 92, the woman regained her thirst for life, wanted to be beautiful, get bright photos from an important date.

Having lived to see the birth of her 11th great-granddaughter, she is no longer afraid of anything and wants every day to be special.

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