Dad’s Priceless Reaction To Daughter Becoming A Nurse: «You Did It»

A healthy dose of motivation for us all today comes from a parent who is supporting his daughter as she checks online to see if she passed her nursing examinations.

We can’t help but cry along with them when we see this dad’s reaction to his daughter becoming a nurse.

The father can be heard supporting his daughter the entire time as she nervously clicks on her result on the computer.

Nobody was more pleased than her papa when the results revealed that she had passed. He exclaims, «You did it,» with joy.

a fresh trauma While her father is holding her and repeatedly exclaiming «You did it» and «I did it,» nurse can be heard crying tears of delight.

He did that, and we have to agree with him because he brought her up, supported her in achieving her goals, and encouraged her to achieve it.

In a world that is rife with resentment and selfishness, seeing their endearing friendship is very refreshing.

It is true that being able to recognize and applaud a child’s accomplishments brings parents the most happiness. What a gift it is to have a father who is so caring.

Numerous viewers have posted sweet remarks on the video, which has become very popular. «Can we just speak about how the dad is so concerned about his daughter?» asked one. She is incredibly fortunate to be a nurse and have a loving father.

«I can tell just how much the hard work she’s put into this and how it really paid off in the end,» another user remarked. Their response definitely matters a lot!

I love the way he pulls her hair back while she reads, one user commented. This dad loves his daughter dearly.

I’m happy for them both since they have such a wonderful father-daughter connection and because they accomplished this feat together.

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