Netizens were taken aback by Mom’s amusing dance at her son’s wedding.

No wedding would be complete without explosive dances. And everyone dances: the newlyweds, their parents, and their guests. And at this wedding, you can see the young groom and his equally energetic mother perform an incredibly incendiary dance.

The guy and his mother’s collaborative work appears to be both touching and amusing. This groom could choose someone else to prepare a dance number, such as a more plastic friend or even a professional guest dancer. But he decided to entrust his participation in the dance to his mother, and he did not disappoint. The dancers were having a good time, and the audience was enjoying themselves as well.

The dance was very cool and lively. And, while mom does not move perfectly, this is the highlight of the number. All minor flaws and errors, which almost no one noticed, are more than compensated for by the dancers’ excellent mood and positive attitude. Mom clearly enjoys what is going on and puts her heart and soul into the movements. She exudes energy and charisma, winning over the audience at the dance. Everyone was overcome with emotion.

The groom was extremely fortunate to have such a mother: she actively participated in wedding planning and was not afraid to dance in front of everyone. And the bride is extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful mother-in-law.

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