Grandma Created Amusing New Lyrics For A Patsy Cline Classic Specifically For Seniors

We’ve all heard that getting older isn’t much fun. However, crooner Vera, with her deep, velvety voice and creative rewriting of Patsy Cline’s classic «I Fall to Pieces,» embraces age. She imparts wisdom with comedy as she delivers a lighthearted performance about growing older.

Her birthday party performance has garnered over five million views on Facebook, making her the latest online sensation. Vera’s song, rewritten as «We Fall to Pieces,» is a funny tribute to the challenges we confront as we age. If you enjoy parodies of popular songs or have relatives and friends who do, this is a video you should share.

Vera, who dedicates her song to elders, opens her performance by declaring, «If any of you young people think it’s not true, I have news for you.» The crowd can be heard chuckling over lines like, «We fall to pieces each time we miss our Geritol,» as she gently strums her way through the song, smiling and doling out knowledge and experience regarding aging.

Vera invites the audience to have fun during her lively presentation. Her lovely version will melt your heart and brighten your day, encouraging you to appreciate all seasons of life as she clearly does.

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