What the grown-up children of Julia Roberts, one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses, look like

Julia Roberts is a well-known, talented, and attractive Hollywood actress. We all know that, but Julia is also a wonderful mother in addition to having a successful acting career.

The actress has three children, twins Hazel Patricia and Finneas Walter, and a younger son Henry Daniel Moder.

Hazel is a brilliant student who attends a private school in Los Angeles. The girl has already tried her hand at acting, having appeared in several films, but she aspires to be a model.

Her twin brother Phineas hasn’t decided what he wants to be yet, but the younger one will most likely sing. He attends a vocal school and excels at it.

Julia has strictly forbidden her children from registering on social networks, so fans of the actress are always looking for the faces of her children in random photos.

However, Julia Roberts’ husband, Daniel Moder, has rarely published a family photo in recent years. «The lovely mother is in the center. «You are very special to us.» Daniel wrote the caption for the photo.

The actress also did not ignore Mother’s Day and shared a wonderful photo with the fans.

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