Angela Lansbury and the Tabernacle Choir perform ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

‘Beauty and the Beast’ is one of Disney’s most popular princess films. The incredible music has increased the film’s popularity. Angela Lansbury, one of the film’s voice actors, performs the film’s title song.

Angela, dressed in a dark red velvet gown, stands in front of a large orchestra. Red, pink, and white flowers adorn the stage. The Tabernacle Choir is singing alongside Angela.

She begins to speak and describes how she was approached to sing this song but declined because she was concerned. «I thought to myself, my goodness, can I ever do this beautiful lyric justice?» Angela says.

As Angela explains how she came up with the voice of ‘Mrs. Potts,’ the orchestra begins to play, and the Tabernacle choir of voices harmonizes, she begins to sing.

She begins softly and sings alone, and as the music becomes more intense, she raises her hands. She sings a line during the second verse, and the choir repeats it back to her. The chorus of the song is completely beautiful, with all of the voices singing.

Angela ends on a soft note, quoting Mrs. Potts, «Into the cupboard with you, Chip. Your bedtime has passed. «Goodnight, love,» she says, waving and smiling. The applause from the audience fills the auditorium as she thanks them with a kind smile.

The music of Alan Menken and the lyrics of Howard Ashman contributed significantly to the success of the 1991 film. It’s difficult to imagine anyone else singing this song, despite the fact that Angela Lansbury was initially hesitant to perform it due to her age. It has since become a timeless classic, starring the legendary Angela Lansbury, who recorded it in one take.

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