How a brain tumor diagnosis spurred two sisters to start a successful jewelry business

Sisters Elizabeth White and Jacquelyn Tugwell had no idea of launching a jewelry company, much alone one with 250 outlets…

In reality, neither of the partners comes from a jewelry or business background. Yet, an unanticipated life event changed everything.

«We started by accident,» Tugwell says. «My daughter Banks was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was two years old. Throughout that time, my sister kept me occupied by stringing beads and creating.»

While it began as a creative outlet, the two quickly understood that what they were doing was unique.

The team liked the idea of a statement piece, but the market was mostly «costumey» flashy metal or rhinestones…

«We wanted a raw, organic, natural-feeling piece that we could throw on with jeans and a t-shirt or a dress and have it be the ‘wow’ piece that could transform your style,» White says.

At the beach, White and Tugwell made a pair of necklaces out of natural elements including shells and wooden beads strung on twine.

«We wore them all summer and everyone kept asking where we got them,» White adds. «We strung our beads onto a suede strap for comfort, and this became Twine & Twig’s distinguishing feature.»

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