It’s really cute to see a toddler using a pacifier to comfort a ‘crying’ mother.

This small boy understands the purpose of the pacifier, and he is doing his best to console his crying mother. As he heard his mother’s shrieks, he swiftly plugged his pacifier and placed it in his mother’s mouth. He burst into sobs after shutting his mother’s mouth!

HILARANT: un bébé console sa mère en lui prêtant sa tétine (vidéo) | RTL  Info

On March 28, Freddie’s mother, Rita Tabitha, captured these wonderful moments of her kid. She began to cry as she sat on the floor of their London home. When her adoring son overheard her sobbing, he did the best he could remember from his mother. He gave away his dummy to stop her crying!!

Un bébé console sa mère qui pleure en lui donnant sa tétine

What a wonderful film, so full of cuteness that it made us cry while laughing!

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