This is incredible… Iron Woman, 78, is a powerlifting champion who can do 400 squats and has 19 world records…

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Nora Langdon, 78, is a world champion powerlifter with squat records of 413 pounds, deadlift records of 381.4 pounds, and bench press records of 203.9 pounds.

If that wasn’t enough to motivate you to get out of bed and into your favorite workout, Langdon started when she was 65 and couldn’t go up the stairs of the houses she was selling as part of a 35-year real estate career.

At a birthday celebration, a buddy introduced her to Art Little, a personal trainer at Royal Oak Gym in Michigan. She went to watch a powerlifting tournament and asked Little if she could do it someday.

Little was hesitant at first, but she started with the basics.

«Langdon estimates she has 20-25 medals in her trophy case,» writes Barbend. «She has taken part in and won 23 sanctioned meets.»

She did not report totals for the two outliers, indicating that she had not been out-lifted.

«As I squat, I say to the Holy Spirit, ‘Fall on me,’ and I simply do it—come right on up,» she told Fox News.

In the Refinery 29 documentary, Langdon states, «I feel powerful when I power lift,» as she prepares to rip a deadlift in a pair of pristine Chuck Taylors.

«Because that implies I’ll be able to outperform the rest of the world.» «I want to be an example to other ladies on how to take care of themselves.»

Langdon is the most accomplished powerlifter in her weight class, participating at the State Championships, Nationals, and Worlds three times a year. She has created a GoFundMe campaign to supplement her limited sponsorship dollars.

See the video…

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