Laughing Quadruplets Will Certainly Improve Your Day

In the year 2000, this quadruplet’s «cute chuckle» won a million dollars in a video contest. The video of a mother hugging her quadruplets got $250,000 on the TV show «America’s Funniest Home Videos» at the time. Because of their contagious laugh, the quadruplets were in the running to win the show! They delighted the audience with their infectiously delightful giggles!

The 'Laughing Quadruplets' Who Delighted Everyone As Babies Are Now In High School | HuffPost OWN

These babies can’t stop smiling, grinning, and chuckling in unison for a minute and a half!

«People are still happy with that video», «It’s one of the best videos you can’t laugh at».

Their mother, Allison Mathias, and father, Steve, are both eager to share information about their children.

Grace, Emily, Mary Claire, and Anna, the grinning infants in the video, are now 17-year-old girls! These high school students still appear identical, but they now have their own distinct interests and personalities to distinguish them. The delighted parents offer their infants gorgeous grown-up images for the audience to reminisce about their «wonderful laughs». They are constantly glad and enthusiastic for their children to see God’s plans come to fruition in their lives ahead!

Mom's Quadruplets Laugh Perfectly In Sync. Now Keep Your Eye On The Baby In Her Right Arm... |

«My future hopes for the girls are that they become the young ladies that God wants them to be, that they follow His plans for their destiny,» their mother says. «There are enormous opportunities out there for them. I’m just curious to find out what it is.»

It’s wonderful to see the parents cherishing their babies’ precious moments with such love and delight! I hope God’s grace will always remain with the family to appreciate their quadruplets’ delightful laughs…

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