After someone stole his shoes, the students pooled their funds to buy him new ones. The teacher broke down in tears as a result of this. Watch, though, what happens afterward…

See the video here.

Teacher Moved to Tears By Students Pooling Money to Replace His Stolen  Shoes (WATCH)

In Bellevue, Nebraska, students in the middle grades collaborated to present their teacher with a brand-new pair of shoes. Social media is praising this wonderful deed everywhere.

The instructor at Logan Fontenelle Middle School, Trey Payne, discovered last month that his favorite pair of shoes had been taken from his classroom.

The fact that the shoes were pricey added to the anger among Payne’s students about the theft.

Teacher Tears Up After Students Replace His Favorite Pair Of Sneakers That  Were Stolen

Then, the children pooled their resources to surprise their teacher with a brand-new pair of shoes. Payne struggled to contain his cries of joy because he was so delighted.

In a video that has now been posted thousands of times on social media, Payne can be seen opening the shoebox and then sobbing.

It’s about doing things to help the people around you, according to Payne, «It’s more than just a pair of shoes.»

«I try to teach my children about this, and I believe that many of them have gained knowledge from it.

I feel good about myself and my ambitions because of this.

See the video.

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