Simon first has doubts about the young woman who adores Celine Dion unless she sings like the diva.

Simon Cowell has established a well-deserved reputation as a stern, outspoken judge on top talent programs, as well as a flair for spotting exceptionally brilliant people. Simon didn’t think much of nine-year-old Celine Tam at first, but this amazing girl brought the crowd to its feet in a matter of seconds and caught Simon’s attention in the process.

Celine Tam is named after Celine Dion, her favorite musical artist. Celine Dion is one of the most famous singers of our time, but many adults who try to sing her songs on shows like America’s Got Talent don’t come close to her level.

However, little Celine Tam showed herself worthy of performing Celine Dion’s superb songs nearly as soon as she took the stage.

She opted to perform «My Heart Will Go On,» one of the first songs her parents heard her sing. Her parents claimed to be huge Celine Dion fans and that their baby was named after her.

As soon as she began singing this Celine Dion song on stage, the crowd realized her potential and surged to their feet. Her abilities clearly impressed the judges after the performance.

Celine Tam flawlessly sang an extremely difficult song. Her sweet yet forceful voice was absolutely effective while still being polished and accurate.

This family’s common enthusiasm and adoration of Celine Dion songs continues. It comes as no surprise that the couple named Celine’s newborn sister Dionne. It’s too early to know whether Dionne will be as skilled vocally as her older sister.

Did Celine’s performance impress you? What do you think of her family’s crush on Celine Dion? Let us know in the comments, and please share this video with your friends and family voice needs to be heard!

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