How did the 27-year-old beauty who wed an 89-year-old billionaire fare?

When Anna Nicole Smith wed James Howard Marshall II, who was 89 at the time, their union sparked outrage among the general population. Many thought Anna was mercantilist and self-centered, getting married mainly for fame and fortune. James was pitied by everyone, and they all questioned how he could have believed such blatant deception.

Why did the course of this relationship take such an odd turn? What you should know is as follows.
Throughout the 1990s, Anna Nicole Smith enjoyed enormous popularity. She appeared in periodicals for males and performed in films. The lovely blonde knows just how to display herself to succeed. It’s true that she wasn’t always endowed with beauty.

The model’s name was Vicki Lynn Hogan. Nothing about her, who was born and reared in a pretty typical home, stood out. Vicki’s mother was a crucial part of her upbringing, and she had a lifelong fantasy of emulating Marilyn Monroe.

Her first marriage did not bring her happiness. She was left alone with her child after her husband left her. In order to earn some income, she had to work as a dancer in a nightclub.

She had dark hair at the time, a not-so-lovely physique. She thus had a low level of popularity in the club. The lack of breasts in general made the girl look ugly. James Howard Marshall II, a retired billionaire, took notice of her charm and uniqueness. He had already reached the age of 80.

He was a professor at a university and an oil billionaire. By the way, when he was younger, he was really gorgeous. Each of his two marriages lasted for over 30 years. His children have long since grown up, and his previous wife passed gone. He was isolated. He wed a beautiful girl as a result.

He spent all of his money on her. purchased a number of pricey items and paid for her plastic surgery. She once had her jewelry purchased for $ 2 million. With him, Anna adopted an alias and went blonde. Finally, a white stripe has entered her life. She occasionally received invitations to TV appearances and picture assignments for magazines for men.

The model wed James in 1994. As aging has taken its toll, Anna was seen at the celebration wearing a white outfit and her chosen one sitting in a wheelchair. Naturally, there was not even a hint of love in this relationship.

This marriage glorified Anna. She made several TV appearances. Even as the host of one of her shows.
Her relationships with her husband were warmer. So to make up for his loneliness, he showered her with cash and presents. This union had no hardship because both parties benefited from it.

The union lasted 14 months. At the age of 90, James passed away from an infectious condition. Anna also constantly took care of him, never abandoning him until the very last moment. There was no question that she was anticipating his passing in order to inherit from him. But the crafty old man left his young bride nothing. She was so incensed over it that she brought a lawsuit against her stepson to try and get at least some recompense. Years went by, but Anna didn’t steal anything.

After James’ death, the model’s fate was rather sad. Only 12 years separated her from him. Anna was diagnosed with pneumonia in 2007 and was unable to recover.

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