«It’s still difficult to look away from you» Sharon Stone, 63, shared a picture of herself in a provocative monokini.

One of Hollywood’s most alluring blondes is Sharon Stone, a gifted actress and former model who is now in her seventh decade.

An American recently shared a picture of herself in front of followers wearing a silver dress. The actress had a short, chic haircut and vivid cosmetics on while filming. She just wrote, «How I love Tahiti,» as her signature.

The fans paid attention to the photo despite the fact that it was taken a long time ago. Following the publishing of the star, more than 4 thousand comments and 172 thousand «hearts» were left.

“Great”, “Unearthly”, “Just a goddess”, “You are still beautiful”, “Best”, “Beauty is timeless”, “There are no words! This is what they said.

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