The Fatherhood Challenges with Robin Williams

When Robin Williams appeared on «The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson,» the timing was never predictable. Robin exits with a crazy strut and vigorously shakes Johnny’s hand.

Before sitting down, he does a dance move that causes the audience to laugh and shout more loudly. He says, «Robin’s wearing a wonderful coat from the toilet collection,» while sporting a white suit and blue tie.

You’d make a good male model, Johnny quips. As Robin poses for the camera, they both laugh. Johnny queries whether Robin’s thick beard, which he is currently grooming, is for the movie.

Robin adopts a Russian accent and declares, «Glad to be in America! «, claiming that he requires one because he plays a Russian. This nation is good! How would you compare American women to Russian women, jokes Johnny? «Okay,» Robin grinned. When Russian women like you, okay (Robin makes a noise).

Johnny claims that Robin wasn’t a parent the last time they met. The hardest part of becoming a father, according to Robin, is breastfeeding. He continues in a baby voice, «The kid is going, ‘There’s nothing there.

He describes the natural birthing procedure they underwent. After trying to breathe, they started taking medication. He claimed they attended «La Mans» classes rather than Lamaze classes.

«It’s a wonderful placenta,» Jackie Stewart is reportedly saying in the room, according to Robin. See that emerging there! In the midst of yet another hilarious Robin Williams interview, Johnny reclines on his chair and chuckles.

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