This X Factor audition will make you cry! His voice tone? Wow!

The heartwarming story of 17-year-old Emmanuel Kelly, an Australian young man born in the midst of a devastating conflict zone in the foreign country of Iraq, is told in the video below. He was discovered abandoned in a shoe box when he was a baby, and he was gratefully rescued by troops and transported to an orphanage where he waited to be adopted.

He had very little hope for himself after being abandoned without his hands, but then a miracle happened when he was adopted by a single mother who adopted him and his brother to assist them get out of the harsh times in Iraq. It’s a truly touching story, and I’m confident it will move you to tears.

As he grew older, he realized his incredible voice talent and wanted to try his luck on the iconic TV show The X Factor. They told us his extraordinary story on the show, and he delivered a wonderful rendition of the legendary John Lennon blockbuster hit, «Imagine.» When you view this, you’ll be in tears!

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