A 7-year-old outstanding vocalist dazzled the «American Idol» judges with her voice… Please see the accompanying video!

Malea Emma seemed adorable at first, but the judges were completely taken aback when she opened her mouth and began singing.

The lovely «Star Spangled Banner,» America’s national anthem, was performed at the start of Season 17 of American Idol, as it made its long-awaited return.

However, the choice of performance was not entirely predictable. When a tiny seven-year-old child joined the stage, the judges, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan, rose to their feet and placed their hands over their hearts.

Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja rose to prominence after performing the American National Anthem at a Major League Soccer game in September 2018. Malea Emma was chosen after competing on Instagram against hundreds of other individuals.

Everyone at the soccer game was taken aback by the girl’s powerful voice, which came from such a small frame. Following her performance, Malea Emma was asked to participate in a David Muir interview on ABC World News that same day.

As a result, she was invited to participate in presenter Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Ryan also decided to call the American Idol producers and inform them of the problem with the youngster.

Malea Emma and her parents were flown to Idaho by American Idol producers to perform for the judges during the show’s season premiere. Despite the fact that the judges thought the small girl was cute, they were taken aback when she opened her mouth and began singing the National Anthem. When the small performer’s confident, magnificent voice began to boom out, the judges’ mouths dropped to the floor.

Malea Emma, clothed in a gorgeous floral dress and a pink jacket, stood confidently in front of them. This was clearly not her first time performing in front of a crowd.

She sung the difficult song forcefully, even hitting the high notes near the end. Malea Emma’s voice was faultless and under good control, in contrast to other youngsters her age. She also gave the well-known song some great falsetto notes and an innovative finish.

Luke Bryan, the judge, yelled, “A seven-year-old is outsinging us.” The judges were so ecstatic that they handed the girl a Golden Ticket, which would transport her immediately to Hollywood in 2027, given that the minimum participant age for American Idol is 15.

Malea Emma, who is only seven years old, is on course to become an incredibly talented vocalist and already has a Golden Ticket in her pocket. Without a doubt, this girl was meant to sing!

Here is the video:

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