Can you spot the flaw in this image in less than ten seconds?

The IQ test stated above has garnered a lot of traction online.

A woman is seen reading a book in her living room as she enjoys some alone time.

On a Sunday afternoon, she is vegging out in a cozy green sweater.

The image, however, contains three errors. You have 21 seconds to find them all. That is your test.

The following errors can be found in the above image of a living room brainteaser:

1. Time has been reversed. The numerals are positioned on opposing sides.

2. The time on the calendar is incorrect. The month of June does not have 31 days.

3. The woman wears a slipper and a shoe.

Share with your relatives and friends to brighten their day and make it full of joy.

Encourage them to try to solve it and just have fun!

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