Boy wins by displaying a huge public affection to his mother, who adopted him when he was just 10 months old…

American Idol experienced events a few months ago that all regular viewers of the show will surely remember for the rest of their lives.

On this occasion, the TV show, which brings together the best voices of the American scene to discover and finally launch one of the participants to stardom, found a heartwarming story behind one of the competitors.

Brandon Elder is in this scenario. Before addressing the audience and jury, the young man mentioned his adopted mother. Brandon was adopted at the age of ten months when his birth mother traded him for a car. As you can see, he will always have Patricia Elder as his guardian angel.

Patricia had left. Brandon handed her a song he had composed called «Gone,» which translates as «You’ve Gone,» and played guitar and sang for her so her mother wouldn’t feel guilty when she went. He rose to prominence as a result of this song.

The judges approved of it. Everyone adored the song, and now we are all eager to learn more about the background and future of this particular artist’s tune.

Here is the video:

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