A toddler named ‘Love Baby’ has a heart-shaped birthmark.

The obsession with birthmarks is undeniable. Many birthmarks are inherited and exist in a variety of shapes. As a result, many people have begun to ponder about the spiritual significance of their birthmark.

Baby's Rare Heart-Shaped Birthmark Has Everyone Falling in Love With Him

When a person possesses a heart-shaped bookmark, it is claimed that the person will live a love-filled life. Truer words were never spoken for Cinar Engin, a truly remarkable baby from Turkey who, with his heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead, represents love.

If Harry Potter is renowned for his lightning bolt scar, this baby will be remembered for the carefully placed love on his brow. Murat Engin, Cinar Engin’s father, was the first to see the heart-shaped birthmark on his son’s forehead when he was born. According to the Daily Mail, he stated:

«I was the first to notice the birthmark on his head after a nurse cleaned the blood on his head.» I was completely taken aback. When I got near to his head, I noticed he had an incredible heart. It was tough for me to keep my tears from falling.»

Baby Born With Heart-Shaped Birthmark Is Known as the 'Love Baby'

Cinar almost seemed to be thanking his beloved parents for bringing him into the world. Several hospital staff members asked Cinar’s parents if they could take a photo with the gorgeous baby, and he quickly became the talk of the nursery.

Cinar, who is now 14 months old, is the first member of the family to be born with a birthmark.

As a result, many people have dubbed him the «Love Baby.» Cinar has also drawn the attention of strangers, as many people stop to snap photos with him in public. Murat sent a touching remark for his son:

«It was truly a gift from God.» We had no bad emotions. We believe he was born with an opportunity.»

It’s easy to see why the little child has captured the hearts of so many people just by looking at his portrait. He is certain to make everyone believe that there is still pure and innocent love in the world.

When Murat and Ceyda Engin brought their son Inar into the world in 2015, they were overjoyed that he was healthy and happy. However, there was more to inner than they realized, and it didn’t take Murat long to realize it.

The besotted parents gazed at their blessing as a nurse wiped the infant’s face after birth. Murat was taken aback when he discovered a red mark on his son’s brow.

Murat approached infant Inar and examined the pink tint on his skin. The parents’ eyes welled up when they saw the mark he would bear for the rest of his life. Murat stated:

«I was pleasantly pleased. When I came to close his head, I saw he had an incredible heart.»

The delighted parents were enamored with Inar’s birthmark, but they had no idea how it would effect his life. People were drawn to their son, and he earned a unique moniker.

Nurses crowded around baby Inar, taking photographs and marveling at the wonderfully shaped heart on his head. One of the nurses exclaimed:

«Oh my goodness, unbelievable, he is a love baby (sic).»

The mother and father quickly discovered that their son and his birthmark were genuine God-given gifts. No one else in Inar’s family had a distinctive birthmark, and his father, Murat, stated, «None of us had negative feelings.» We believe he was born with an opportunity.»

The general population was eager to meet Inar, and innumerable admirers stopped the family anytime they saw him. They enjoyed taking pictures with him, and he spread joy wherever he went. Murat went on to say:

«Everyone smiles and loves him when we walk around.» Because of the heart form of his birthmark, all of our friends are interested.»

Whenever the family brought their son in for routine exams, the medical personnel recognized him right away. He was also known as the «heartbroken boy.»

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