Mexican actress Salma Hayek frequently enhances her amazing features with bright diamonds, declaring, «She looks like billions of dollars.»

Hayek’s magnificent presentation, which included pricey diamonds on her neck, wowed everyone.

This incredibly talented, successful, and intriguing Mexican actress has been in a number of excellent films. Among them are «Frida,» «From Dawn to Dusk,» and several others.

Hayek continues to perform, despite the fact that she is now also producing and directing.

Hayek and other Hollywood superstars appear in the upcoming film «Eternal Chloe Jao,» one of the most recent projects.

It’s important to note that the Mexican beauty wed a French billionaire in 2009. The spouses are still inseparable, which may seem strange, and frequently attend social events and different exhibitions.

It is no secret that the exceptional actress wears pricey jewelry to accentuate nearly every appearance, adding to her allure.

Often frequently, colorful diamonds are used to complete the stunning appearance of our Mexican beauty.

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