Doctors checked her scalp and discovered the tragic reality when a 5-year-old awoke completely paralyzed…

Summer has arrived, bringing with it an abundance of sunshine, sunbathing, fun activities, and hiking chances.

Many children and adults, however, are ignorant of the potential risks of hiking, particularly the risk of tick bites.

Many people believe, «It won’t happen to me.»

A small tick, on the other hand, can have a significant impact on your life, and the symptoms aren’t always visible.

That’s exactly what occurred to Jessica Griffin when she noticed her baby daughter was completely paralyzed one morning.

Jessica Griffin now recommends that all parents closely examine their children for tick bites.

The warning follows a terrible incident that terrified the family.

Jessica tells the horrific moment her daughter Kaylin awoke one morning unable to walk. She was having difficulty even speaking.

Jessica took her daughter to the clinic, where she had blood tests and a CT scan of her head.

Kaylin was later diagnosed with ‘tick paralysis,’ according to a Facebook post by her mother.

Tick paralysis can be dangerous to both humans and pets.

When a tick stings its host, it injects saliva, which causes the immune system to overreact. In the worst-case scenario, this causes temporary paralysis or, in the worst-case scenario, death.

The risk increases when a tick bites the scalp.

Kaylin was admitted to the hospital and placed under observation. Her parents were naturally concerned, as they usually were.

«We’ve been admitted to the hospital for observation, and we’re hoping she’ll get better soon!» Please remember our child in your prayers! To put it mildly, I’m frightened!» The letter was written by the mother.

Kaylin’s condition improved gradually, and she began to recover.

Jessica, Kaylin’s mother, recently updated the case on Facebook, sharing a photo of the tick removed from her daughter’s head.

«For the love of God, check your kids for ticks!» This happens more commonly in children than in adults!» The letter was written by the mother.

The mother’s warning evoked a wide range of reactions.

Many parents shared their experiences with ticks on their children, including terrifying stories about tick paralysis that nearly killed their children.

Jessica said she had no idea her posts would be so popular, but she was delighted to be spreading the word about tick bites and tick paralysis.

«It’s definitely something, and we’ve witnessed it firsthand!» Check all portions of your children’s body on a regular basis!»

Symptoms of tick-borne paralysis
Symptoms often emerge 2-7 days after the bite, beginning with limb weakness and progressing to paralysis.
Within a few hours, the paralysis spreads to the hands and head, resulting in difficulty breathing and death.
Although paralysis affects many animals and cattle, infection in humans is infrequent and mostly affects children under the age of 10.

Kaylin’s life could have ended very badly, but she was spared because to her parents’ quick response.

«She is home today, and everything is back to normal,» Jessica said.

However, not every child will be as fortunate as Jessica, so it is critical to continue spreading the information about tick bites and what we can do to avoid them.

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