The teen who sounds like Janis Joplin comes back on «AGT» to perform her own song for the judges…

If you’ve ever watched an episode of American Idol, you’re definitely familiar with Courtney Hadwin. Her audition quickly went viral after it was broadcast on television.

Judge Howie Mandel awarded Courtney the third Golden Buzzer of the 13th season of America’s Got Talent.

The child walked on stage for her America’s Got Talent audition and informed Mel B that she was terrified she would be judged immediately away. The court advised Courtney not to be concerned, which was sound advice.

When asked what her favorite subject in school was, Courtney stated that it was music. Courtney doesn’t have a favorite piece of music that she studies at school, but her audition shows that she enjoys the classics.

She controlled the stage as she sang «Hard to Handle» by Otis Reading, emphasizing every gesture with her long, slender arms.

She was so unique and amazing during her audition that the judges were immediately swept away by her talent. In fact, Howie Mandel compared her to Janis Joplin, one of the greatest vocalists of all time.

Right before he pressed the Golden Buzzer for Courtney, Howie said the following:

«I’m not Clive Davis.» My name is Howie Mandel. You’re not going to receive a record deal from me. «Young lady, all I can do for you is give you…»

A «Golden Buzzer» during the audition rounds is regarded as one of the highest praises a performer can receive. So it’s no surprise that Courtney returned for America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

This season, the finest contestants from all of the Got Talent shows will return. Susan Boyle, in fact, was the first person to receive the Golden Buzzer this season.

Courtney sang “Pretty Little Thing,” her first original rock and roll song, to celebrate her return to AGT.

I’ve been on her side from the start, and it’s a shame she didn’t win. It’s amazing to see Courtney sing a song on stage that she wrote. She has a lot of skills. Keep singing, Courtney. You did a great job with this song.

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